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Kym Toussaint Rosser


1. Tell us your love story..
Dane and I first met Halloween, 2008, at a mutual friends house in Bondi. It was a brief first encounter, to say the least. Fast forward a year, to Halloween 2009, our paths crossed again, this time by no coincidence. From the first encounter, to this point, we had been friends, communicating via Facebook. Dane had been traveling for almost a year and wee hadn’t been physically in the same place at the same time since the first time we met. Anyyywwaaaay… on this particular night, after many drinks, Dane announced that I was his girlfriend, all that chit chat for a year must have paid off! In December that year, 2009, we moved in together. I must add that we are born on the same day, (4 years apart) so things generally felt quite natural, we were both organised and knew what we wanted (stubborn is probably another word). Nevertheless, here we are today, happily married! 

2. Wedding Date & Location
12th November, 2016. Horizon, Byron Bay. 

3. What was your favourite moment on your special day?
Waking up on our wedding day next to each other. 

4. Why did you choose Christie Nicole Bridal?
I’ve known Christie for many many years! Always was and is in love with every thought and creation she has. After trying/ looking mostly at numerous dresses; inexpensive and expensive labels,I was completely over the process of finding “the one”. (To be honest, I was completely happy in my t-shirt and jeans!) I decided to ask Christie if she had considered wedding dresses…. Long story short, before I had approached her, I had already made up my mind, and yes was going to be the answer. (Thankfully yes was her answer!).

5. Describe your experience creating your dream dress/s with Christie Nicole Bridal
Christie has this incredible ability to plug into your mind. She immerses herself into your dreams and aligns with your thoughts. I knew that anything she created was going to be incredible, however, it was breathtaking, the whole experience. From my terrible “drawings” to many many images of so many different things, hemlines, necklines, fabric, “feeling” I wanted to portray, she noted it all, she created magic with my monkey mind! 


6.How did you feel wearing Christie Nicole Bridal?
It was such an honour, truly. To be the first (definitely not the last) to wear something hand-made, solely for me and no one else… I felt proud, grateful, honoured, happy and loved! So loved. Thank you beautiful

7. Marriage to us means..
A forever honest love and friendship. 

8. Honeymoon Destination
Lorde Howe Island— Arajilla Lodge. That place, IS heaven on Earth. 


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