Christie Nicole Bridal
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Our philosophy at Christie Nicole Bridal is Originality in Beauty. We design one-of-a-kind pieces for people who delight in the delicacy and intricacy of couture fashion. We incorporate high quality fabrics and true craftsmanship to create our wedding gowns, veils, reception dresses and more.

Designer, Christie developed a passionate rapport with fashion through her young years living as a thirsty creative under her Grandmother’s wing. Christie’s grandmother—a talented seamstress acknowledged that her granddaughter had an interest she could feed. Throughout her young years Christie garnered many skills and devices that her grandmother instilled. Not until her schooling came to an end did they both know this had birthed in to a gift, a talent and calling that needed to be heard.

Christie enrolled in a Bachelor of Design to hone her craft and welcome a more earnest representation of herself. After three years at design school Christie graduated with a collection that encompassed the exact direction she finds herself now—modern and innovative.

The years that followed delivered promise when Christie Nicole was established in 2013. The label consisting of lingerie and ready-to-wear attire that focused on working with luxurious fabrics representing a feminine playfulness yet remaining powerful, intricate and integral to the contemporary woman.

It was in the year of 2016 that a friend enquired if Christie would be interested in designing a wedding and reception dress for her special day, and it was then that the Christie’s journey with bridal spawned. In the garments completion she did not realise her designs would be so loved by so many brides-to-be.

Christie creates delicate and personal pieces that open up a world of luxury and quiet confidence. She will mirror the individuals she works with and draw her inspiration from where she is happily entangled. Every experience is new and any bride-to-be is invited to join in an intimate journey so rare nowadays.